The Limoncello Life- Where to go from here?

The Limoncello Life is meant to be a blog discussing the good, the bad, and the crazy of living in Naples, Italy. It is truly a unique place that definitely has it challenges for an expat. After four years now in Napoli, I feel a little more at home. It’s been a tough year and half because of Covid, but we have all experienced our unique challenges that the pandemic brought. Instead of focusing on the difficulties and challenges that Covid brought, I want to focus on a bright spot that came from Covid. I feel more at home now in Naples, Covid forced me to socialize (mainly through WhatsApp or video lessons) with local women since I was home with my kids during distance learning. I made local friends for the first time ever, which created a sense of home for me that I never experienced in my 13 years abroad (First 9 were in Switzerland).

For the moment, the kids and I are wrapping up our two month summer in the US before we head back to Italy. It’s been a great trip full of amazing memories, but as it comes to a close, I am ready to get “home”.

Stay tuned to The Limoncello Life to see how our life goes in Naples.

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