Favorite PopSugar Workouts

Thanks to Covid and partially thanks to the streets in my town not being the best for running, I’ve discovered YouTube workouts. There are a lot out there so I’ve listed my favorites, most are found on the channel “PopSugar”. Through Popsugar, I’ve discovered cardio kickboxing, HITT, Tabata, Barre and pilates. I recommend just browsing through PopSugar’s videos and try different types of classes. Here’s my list:

Cardio Barre Workout

This is my all time favorite workout on YouTube, it has everything I look for in a work out. It combines cardio, abs, legs, and an amazing stretch at the end. It’s face paced and the 40 minutes goes by fast.

45 Minute Cardio Pilates

This is a great face paced cardio and pilates workout. I love pilates for core and arm work. The light weights used in this are optional but add an extra element to the workout.

45 Minute HITT Workout with Jeanette Jenkins

This workout is great when you’re looking for something that really makes you sweat and feels like you burned a ton of calories. It has a great variety of exercises and isn’t boring at all. Jeanette Jenkins is a great trainer who is trained in many forms of exercise and combines many of them in this workout.

30 Minute Cardio and Ab Work Out

This class offers an amazing circuit style workout in 30 minutes. It blends some elements of yoga and has a 5 minute bonus abs at the end. It is a perfect workout when you don’t have much time and really want to get in a work out in.

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