Acceptance, Avoiding the Scale and Loving Yourself

I made a promise to myself to not be hard on my body anymore, to stop worrying about that number on the scale and just live. I read a few books on intiutive eating and decided to try my best to let my body tell me when I was hungry or when I wasn’t and eat what I want, not what sounds the most low calorie or healthy. In respect to this though, I know how I feel after eating heavy or fried foods and it’s not a feeling I like, so in honor “listening to my body”, I don’t eat much of these types of food because I don’t like the way they make me feel.

When eating intituitvely, you should also pay attention to how something tastes and how it makes you feel and that will guide your decisions on eating. For me, its been very therapeautic. I’ve tried new foods I wouldn’t have tried because I didn’t label them as “safe” foods. It’s been fun enjoying food. It is hard though to sometimes shake that “I ate too much” feeling or “that didn’t work well with my stomach”. Its hard to move on from that sometimes and let go. Part of this eating journey is knowing your body will work it out and listening to your body’s cues will move you back in the right direction and balance it out.

Exercise, movement, in whatever form is a way I accept my body. I want to keep my body strong and healthy so I can do the things I want to do and not feel overwhelmed. I also want my body to be in good shape to fight whatever infections or viruses that might come along. I had Covid last December and though I consider it to probably be the worse “flu” I’ve ever had, I got through it pretty easily and I think my dedication to fitness helped. My heart and lungs are strong and healthy, though I was exhausted I still made myself move around and make sure I was keeping my lungs as clear as possible by certain chest opening exercises.

Loving and accepting yourself and your body is hard work and is something we must work at every day, multiple times day. Don’t say negative things about your body, accept it for what it is. It brought you here. It was with you in all the good times and bad times, love it, cherish it and take care of it.